55" Interactive Projection Foil - Digital Displays

55" Interactive Projection Foil

Interactive projection Film

This is the large size interactive projection film suitable for larger size window areas.

Each projection film size has been bundled into a complete kit so all you have to do is add a PC.

The kit comprises of the following:

  • An interactive projection foil available in one of four specially prepared projection materials laminated to the film surface. 
  • Installation guide
  • Windows & software/software license
  • 5m USB cable
  • Adhesive cling liner pre applied to foil
  • Spray bottle
  • Squeegee
  • Earth cable
  • Commercial grade, high brightness, high definition projector. (5 year warranty 12hrs per day operation)
  • Ceiling suspension projector mount
Additional features and benefits include:
  • High resolution projected technology providing faster response times for the user.
  • Custom sizes available to suit specific projects
  • Single touch interactivity on glass up to 20mm thick
  • Dual touch interactivity on glass up to 8mm thick
  • Compatible with all Windows operating systems
  • Seamless drag and drop functionality
  • Can be operated with a gloved hands
  • Removable and reusable film

Suitable applications include retail store window displays, estate agents, restaurant window display, indoor/outdoor kiosks, exhibitions, visitor attractions and museums, touch tables and point of sale displays. 

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