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Professional High Brightness Digital LED Monitors

55" high brightness Digital LED window poster monitor

High Brightness LED Monitor

Natural light has always been one of the greatest antagonists of the digital screen.
Our new range of professional high brightness (1500 candela per square meter) monitors are three times brighter than the standard monitor. (Typically 500 Candela per square meter) Simply put, our High Brightness monitors give you more flexibility in communicating your digital message to a greater number of prospects in locations that have traditionally been seen as troublesome with high levels of direct sunlight.
This range of super slim profile monitors are available in sizes 32", 42", 46", 55", 65"
All share the same professional attributes as our standard professional monitors but with the brighter back lighting enabling viewing experience far more acceptable in bright sunlight.
These screens make ideal digital information displays for Estate Agencies, Travel Agencies and Retail Outlets looking to attract foot traffic through their doors.

65" High Brightness Digital LED Monitor

The entire range of our large format professional grade monitors are three times brighter than a standard television.
They have no branding on the bezel making each screen perfect for portrait applications.
With the addition of supporting hardware such as digital network media players, screen content information can be updated quickly and easily in real time allowing you to deliver engaging and emotionally reactive content at the press of a button.
Looking to integrate these monitors into your store architecture?
We will help design, manufacture and install custom made single or multiple free-standing digital displays to your specific requirements or advise on retro-fitting into any store design.


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