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Outdoor TV Enclosures

46" TV screen in outdoor enclosure

Outdoor TV Enclosure

Bringing indoor digital entertainment outdoors.
If you are a publican, bar or club owner and want an easy to install wall mounted enclosure for your digital screen we have just the solution for you.
Our exclusive collection of indoor and outdoor consumer and commercial enclosures are ideal for both TV's and digital advertising displays.
We have two products TV Shield and Display Shield both designed and manufactured in the USA. TV Shield is targeted at the consumer market and ideal for both indoor and outdoor area's where more frequent access is required and accessed by a hinged front panel.
Display Shield is directed more towards commercial markets with less frequent access as the whole enclosure is removable and comes with a pre-fitted fan. We recommend choosing from a range of our digital display screens as they are 24/7 operation and ideal as a full solution package from James Hogg Display.
TV Shield and Display Shield are available as an enclosure for flat panel LCD, LED and Plasma screens from 19" to 60".
To achieve total weather and water resistance each enclosure has been designed and engineered to guarantee that all moving parts exposed to the elements have a water resistant seal. Not only does this prevent the ingress of water but also other elements like dirt, dust, snow, and in some extreme environments oil and grease.
Ventilation is achieved using marine grade aluminium side ventilation slots allowing a steady flow of air preventing a build-up of moisture and condensation whilst at the same time venting heat generated from the TV or digital display screen. Power cables pass easily through a sealed gland located at the base of the enclosure.
Each enclosure is made from High Molecular-Weight Polyethylene Plastic which is extremely strong, rigid, durable, light weight, water/UV resistant and vandal proof. The clear viewing front panel is made from LEXAN which is optically-clear polycarbonate and used as bullet-proof glass!
For complete audio satisfaction it is recommended to use outdoor water resistant speakers particularly with Display Shield.
The key benefits include cost effectiveness compared to a fully specified outdoor screen, light weight, easy to install and will not void any TV manufacturer's warranty.
Our custom design and manufacture facility gives you unparalleled choice to have something made specially for you or commercially across all market sectors.
Please contact us for further support. We look forward to hearing from you.