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All-in-One Network LED Digital Screens

55" all-in-one network LED Digital Screen

All-in-one Digital Network Advertising Screen

It gets even better! Following the introduction of our USB plug and play LED slimline digital advertising screens  we offer the same exclusive, stylish, appealing, eye catching tablet like screens and now giving you remote access to any size screen from anywhere in the world from any internet enabled device such as a smart phone, tablet or laptop. Why would you want to do this? Simply put, you can control and update instantly your existing, highly motivating and engaging content remotely to multiple screen locations from and location.
ceiling suspended back to back 42" all-in-one network LED Digital Screen
Driving your content to each screen is very easy and trouble free. Log on, using any internet ready device, to our secure online content management platform and upload media content, create your very own screen templates or choose from one of our preset templates, schedule the content and manage playlists anytime, anyplace, anywhere. You can even turn your screens off without even touching them or the remote!
To find out more on how an all-in-one digital network screen can help increase your customer experience call us on  0330 333 6106